Retail Store & Dive Gear

Retail Dive Equipment and Gear For Sale at Carib Inn

The Retail Store at Carib Inn
The Carib Inn Retail Store Carries Many Items
The wide selection of masks at Carib Inn insure a good fit.

Store hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, daily. Our retail store is well stocked with dive equipment and a great selection of T-shirts. We stock many scuba lines and can also order items so they will be here when you arrive. Please give us 4 to 6 weeks notice.

  • Regulators by ScubaPro. Other companies available by special order
  • Masks & Snorkels by Sherwood, Genesis, Cressi, ScubaMax, and others
  • Computers by Scubapro, Shearwater, Aqualung and Sherwood
  • Dive Lights by Tovatec
  • Gauges by Sherwood and others
  • BCDs by Aqualung and Scubapro
  • Wetsuits and Skins by Henderson and Akona
  • We also stock hard and soft weights!

This is only a partial list of available items. Please email us for prices and current stock, or fill out the online form. We don't have a price list of everything we sell, so please specify what you would like.  In many cases, our prices are lower than U.S.-based dive stores or retailers.

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    Dive Computers

    Dive Lights


    Gear & Equipment Bags

    Akona Roller Duffel Dive Bag

    Scubamax Dive Flag Mesh Duffel

    Akona Collapsing Duffel Bag

    430.2 Globetrotter

    422.2 Dry Back Pack

    345.6 Collapsing Duffel

    343.8 Sherwood Scubca Medium Wheel

    Regulators & Redundant Air Systems

    Wetsuits, Skins, and Boots