You are welcome to dive with us regardless of where you stay!  Daily boat trips depart at 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM to Klein Bonaire, as well as to Bonaire’s northern and southern dive sites.

Our diving rates include individual dive boat trips, packages, and even charter boat dives.

A Bonaire Marine Park tag ($45 for diving or $25 for all other users payable Mastercard or VISA only) is required for all diving. The park tag is not included in the prices listed above.

Bonaire has always been known as an innovator, by establishing its marine park as early as 1979, and by setting up the region’s first boat mooring system to avoid anchoring. But still today, Bonaire continues to be an innovator by offering its diving and snorkeling visitors a wide variety of new and interesting activities.

Visitors can use their time on Bonaire to learn a new skill, experience the latest in diving technology, or see a different side of Bonaire’s vast underwater nature, gaining more knowledge about the creatures that inhabit this diverse water world. Activities can be geared toward certified divers, but there is also a wide assortment of fun things to do for those who enjoy the water, but don’t wish to dive.

Dive Gloves

Bonaire National Marine Park Orientation Dive

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