Repeat Visitors are Honored as Ambassadors at Carib Inn

Last Friday, Carib Inn was delighted to have some of their long-time repeat visitors honored by the island’s tourism board as “Bonaire Ambassadors.”

Burton Ogle and Tracy Zontek have been visiting Bonaire for 25 and 15 years respectively, and they cherish memories of the friendly Bonaireans, spectacular dives, and their dear friends at the Carib Inn. They both honed their diving skills from Bruce Bowker‘s buoyancy workshops. They state,

“These entertaining and informative classes made a huge difference in our dive enjoyment. Kitty and Bruce have done an amazing job making the Carib Inn the most comfortable, relaxed vacation we could imagine. Our Carib family of the Poduskas, Wagners, Mumpers and others through the years are simply “family”–we can’t wait to see them each year. This to us is why Bonaire is truly a “Divers Paradise.”

Larry and Karyle Mumper have been staying at Carib Inn for 15 years.  Years ago, they saw an advertisement in Skin Diver Magazine showing a picture of Bruce Bowker with his two Dalmatians.  They said,

“We thought that this had to be a great place, if the owner puts his dogs in an ad!  We came and discovered that Bruce and all his staff are professionals and have made and continue to make our trips to Bonaire really special.  Carib Inn is the most professional and well organized dive operation in the Caribbean. We have been to quite a number of other islands diving and we find that this is #1.  Everything is right here: clean rooms, fresh water pool, close to downtown and the market, a few steps down their walkway to the boats, and then a professional and “safety first” divemaster for your short ride to one of many gorgeous reefs.  It is truly a Bonaire family here, and we have met many close friends whom we continue to dive with each year from all parts of the world.”

Congratulations, Burt, Tracy, Larry, and Karyle, from all the crew at Carib Inn for becoming true tourism ambassadors to Bonaire.  We look forward to enjoying your company for many years to come!