Learn About Bonaire’s Bats

On Bonaire, bats are good.

Bats eat mosquitoes and pollinate plants.

Many of Bonaire's bats pollinate cactus and other plants.Many people cringe when thinking about bats, the only mammal in the world with wings. But bats provide a wonderful service, especially in tropical locations such as Bonaire.  Why? Because many of them eat pesky mosquitoes.  Others pollinate our cactus and other plants.

Learn about Bonaire’s bats.

As part of STINAPA’s Connecting People with Nature series, there will be an evening to learn all about these wonderful mammals on Saturday, November 5th, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

The venue.

The evening will begin at STINAPA’s headquarters at Barcadera, with a visit to a nearby cave afterwards.  Participants will be treated to a demonstration on how scientific research is conducted on bats.

What to bring.

Participants need to bring a flashflight covered with a red piece of cloth or paper, as bats don’t like light, sneakers in which to climb up and down the cave,  and a bottle of drinking water.

Be sure to pre-register.

There are no costs to participate (but donations are always welcome), but participants much register in advance by calling 717-8444.

(Source:  STINAPA via Bonaire Insider on InfoBonaire.com)