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I see this far less than years ago but there are still some who ask for dive equipment and/or tanks without any proof of certification. Some have simply forgotten their card. Others have never had one but wherever they had been diving, allowed it.

Some of the certifying organizations have a system where proof of certification can be found through an online system. Others do not and that causes a problem. Some divers argue that they have been diving for decades and others say that the place they were at last year never checked.

Perhaps this analogy will help better understand why showing your certification card is necessary. You show up at XYZ car rental and tell them you don’t have your driver’s license. They say you can’t rent a car. You say you have been driving for over 35 years. They say you still can’t rent a car without proof of a license. You say the ABC rented last year and you showed them your license. They say you still can’t rent a car without proof.

I don’t know anywhere that would rent someone a car without a driver’s license. It is very simple. If you want to drive or dive just make sure you have your license.





New Retail Area








After spending a long time considering what to do, we finally decided to tear down the wall.  The left picture shows before and the right picture after. It took a few days planning and a few days of work mainly in the evening but we did it. The biggest challenge was keeping the dust contained when breaking a concrete block wall. It went surprisingly well.

The store now has a much more open feeling and a lot more space. The new area now has all the wetsuits and related items with womens’ on the left side and men’s on the right. There are still a few more new displays and lighting to be added as soon as they arrive here on Bonaire.


Our New Dock Ladder/Steps

We just installed our new dock ladder which closer resembles a staircase. Many improvements including more steps, better angle and a platform to aid in putting on and taking off equipment. Made locally by a professional welder, this ladder is made from heavy duty stainless steel. So far every diver has said it is the best dive ladder they have used.


Our Dive Boat is Back

After a very traumatic morning that started at 3 am nearly 8 weeks ago and ended with broken ribs, broken boat, broken engine and broken spirit, our other dive boat is back in service. All repairs are done including a brand new coat of bottom paint.

Along with my dive staff, I am very happy to see this is finished. It was a lot of hard weeks without it.

The first picture shows the boat being put back in the water the same place is was sadly towed out. The second picture is tying up at out dock once again.


Great dive boots for Bonaire

We have now sold over 600 pairs and only have sizes 8 and 11. Special price is now only $10 a pair!! Boot sizes can vary so come in and see if these fit.


Need a great pair of dive boots at a price you will not beat anywhere? These boots (built like the Aqualung Manta boot) have a very tough sole making it easy to do shore dives. All sizes available. Bring some friends. Bring your fins to make sure they fit.


Dive masks at Carib Inn’s retail store provide quality and value

navigatorMany divers who visit our store ask how we can sell masks so inexpensively. There are two answers to that. One, we don’t make as much profit as other stores. Two, we search out deals on masks along with quality. There are many companies which are not well known who wholesale masks that come from the same source as the well known manufactures. Because they don’t have a huge advertising budget (some do no advertising at all) they can sell these masks at far lower prices. The mask is the same. Just the name is different.

So the next time you visit our store here at the Carib Inn on Bonaire, don’t be fooled by low prices. The quality of the masks is just as good as any other.



This time we are going to be hosting the photo contest on a monthly basis to allow everybody enough time to take or find pictures, edit them, and tell their friends.

The submission days will be from the 1st of every month to the 25th on that same month. Voting can be all month long. The winner will be determined on the last day of the month..

Maximum is 3 entries per person, per month. The photos have to be from Bonaire and it doesn’t matter the year it was taken. Photos can be under or above the water.

Submit your photos to the visitor posts section on Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn Facebook page.
Attach the following information to your photo
*Year taken
*Place on Bonaire the photo was taken
*Photographer’s name
*Type of camera and setttings used
*Any other fun details to share about that moment

Some months we are going to be selecting a theme for the photos…so be alert.

The prizes can be redeemed on your next visit to Carib Inn.

Unlike last year’s contest, you do not have to be on Bonaire to submit your photos. Anyone who has ever stayed with and/or dived with the Carib Inn is eligible to participate. The monthly prize is a Carib Inn voucher for $25.00. The yearly prize is two shore dive packages.

You can participate each month.

December 2016 theme is OPEN. So feel free to send any type of pictures taken on Bonaire.!!


DEMA dive show a success

Dick Batchelder

Dick Batchelder, long time compressor man


Lowell Dreyfus – founder of Trident dive equipment


Suuz – Scubado Rags


Evelyn Dudas – the first woman to dive the Andrea Doria!


Cathy Church – world famous photograper


Capt Spencer Slate – well known Florida Keys dive operator


Bonnie Cardone – Skin Diver Magazine and now a novelist

DEMA, where most of the larger manufacturers and many of the smaller equipment suppliers display their wares, is always a lot of fun – both to see the new gear and also to talk with and visit many of the people in the industry that I have known over the years. Here are photos of a few of the people I saw this year:


This Weekend’s STINAPA Birding Event is at Bonaire’s LVV

There’s another opportunity to enjoy a STINAPA birding event at Bonaire’s LVV facility this Saturday, November 19, 2016.

Bonaire has an abundance of shorebirds.During the fall and winter months, Bonaire hosts many migratory birds who visit the island for either over-wintering, or as a resting spot before they continue a longer migration. Many of these special bird species can be found at Bonaire’s LVV wastewater treatment plant, as there is always a fresh water supply for them.

STINAPA will lead another birdwatching trip at LVV.

This Saturday, from 4:30 to 6:00 PM, there is another opportunity for bird watching with STINAPA at this location just off Kaminda Lagoen.  Very rare species of birds for the ABC islands have also been spotted in this area. During just the last weeks, the Southern Lapwing, Northern Waterthrush and the Sora were spotted in the area. During last month’s birding event, about 30 Yellow-billed Cuckoos were spotted.

What to bring.

Bring binoculars (if don’t have binoculars, STINAPA can provide you a pair to use), drinking water, and good walking shoes.

Register your participation.

Please call STINAPA at 717-8444 to make your reservation. There are no costs involved, but donations are always welcome. Meet the leader next to the wastewater tanks.

(Source:  STINAPA via Bonaire Insider on




View the Just-Launched Carib Inn Video

The Carib Inn Video.

We are delighted today to share with you our just-launched video featuring Bonaire’s fantastic diving and, of course, the Carib Inn.

We invite you to take a few moments and watch our new video.  For those who have stayed and dove with us in the past, we’re sure it will bring back quite some memories.

For those whom we have not yet welcomed to our inn, we look forward to showing you why Carib Inn has been a favorite since 1980!


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